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Idrocistoma Eccrino

Luciano Schiazza M.D.
cell 335.655.97.70

Eccrine hidrocystoma is a ductal retention cyst of eccrine sweat glands that appears as a solitary, clear, translucent cystic lesion on the outer canthus of the eyelids of one or both eyes eyelid of an adult person.

Eccrine  hidrocystomaEccrine  hidrocystoma

Histopathologically, the lesion contains cystic space lined by a distended epithelial lining of one or two layers of small cuboidal epithelial cells, with no papillary projections. No myoepithelial cells are present. There is an amorphous cyst content.

Eccrine  hidrocystoma

Management consisted of surgical removal by divulsion.